An easier way to run your practice

Practices of every size are already more organized, communicating more easily, and getting things done more quickly. When everything is managed from one place, nothing gets missed.

  • Booking


    Simpler scheduling

    Make booking simpler for you and your clients. Give clients the option to book appointments online, streamline check-ins and check-outs, and do it all in real-time. Track boarding reservations with an integrated boarding calendar. You can even automate sending email and text (SMS) confirmation and reminders.

  • Records


    Streamlined recordkeeping

    Take the hassle out of recordkeeping. Keep records organized and easily access them from anywhere. Automate sending reminders, generating call back tasks, printing certificates, and more. Track hospitalized patients with an integrated treatment board. You can even calculate doses using a built-in dosage calculator.

  • Billing


    Automated billing

    Never miss a charge again. Generate estimates for clients to approve, automatically capture charges based on medical records, and apply late fees to past due invoices. Provide a simple payment experience with integrated merchant processing. You can even import your billing records into your QuickBooks Online account every hour.

  • Clients


    Stronger relationships

    Get to know your clients. Send personalized email and text communications, consolidate billing records, and set custom alerts to remind you of important details. Set personal reminder preferences to make sure they always receive your messages where they are most likely to read them. You can even keep track of familial relationships.

  • Inventory


    Reconciled inventory

    Keep better track of your second biggest cost. Set low balance and expiration alerts, automatically adjust prices based on markups, and set defaults to streamline recordkeeping. Order from integrated distributors and receive purchases directly into inventory. You can even track controlled substances in real-time with a DEA-compliant log.

  • Reports


    More informed decisions

    Measure, review, improve, repeat. Analyze trends in client purchasing behavior, identify growth opportunities, and review each doctor’s contribution to the practice. Reports can be exported to Excel or printed to PDF. You can even email monthly statements to clients with a couple of clicks

  • Team


    Improved teamwork

    Keep your practice running smoothly. Manage hospitalized patients in real-time, assign tasks to improve communication, and reduce mistakes with real-time updates to schedules and medical notes. Set permissions based on roles to ensure that your team only has access to information they need to do their work. You can even track hours with a built-in time clock.

  • Dr. Brittany Marvel

    “Our team loves working with Vetter Software. When a new member is added to our team, it takes less than one week for them to come up to speed because it is so easy to understand. Their technical support has been second to none. I’ve worked with many other veterinary software platforms and Vetter Software beats them all! I would highly recommend Vetter Software to my colleagues looking for the best cloud based platform on the market.”

    Dr. Brittany Marvel
    Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Services
  • Dr. Martin Fink

    “I am a big fan of the Vetter Software. We wanted a program that was cloud-based, medical-record driven, easy to understand and learn, and powerful enough for our busy practice. What I like the most is that Vetter is innovative and intuitive. It is fully functional from a desktop PC, mobile laptop, Chromebook, iPad and even a cellphone. Our conversion was seamless and far less complicated than expected. We experienced excellent customer service which continues through today.”

    Dr. Martin Fink
    Hilton Animal Hospital
  • Dr. Jeremy Cramer

    “Let me just say, this company knocked it out of the park. The cloud-based platform has been such a blessing and truly a game-changer for my business. Vetter Software has absolutely changed our business for the better and I'm looking forward to a very long relationship!”

    Dr. Jeremy Cramer
    Lakeview Pet Hospital
  • Dr. Laura Palumbo

    “From paper to Vetter! It doesn't get better than this. I've worked at several practices running different software programs and I can honestly say Vetter has been the most user friendly, innovative, and cost effective tool when compared to the rest! A truly amazing product whether you're running a large practice or just starting out!”

    Dr. Laura Palumbo
    Palumbo Mobile Veterinary Services
  • Dr. Elena Garde

    “As a non-profit organization that offers veterinary services in marginalized communities of the Americas, we have relied on Vetter Software to make our work possible. Thanks to their software and exceptional customer support, we have been able to design entire remote telemedicine projects with multiple users, multiple languages, and on multiple sites. They are always kind, patient, and genuinely invested in making their product work as effectively as possible for us.”

    Dr. Elena Garde
    The Global Alliance for Animals and People

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